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Web Anatomy SEO Inc is a division of Web Anatomy, a global applied optimization firm that specializes in search engine optimization and digital brand management. We are bringing our digital expertise direct to Business Owners in the Canadian Marketplace, establishing, enabling and expanding your digital presence.

Web Anatomy Canada

We analyze your brand.

We identify optimization problems (within your specific digital channels and applications), develop targeted problem-solving techniques within a variety of applications and offer a comprehensive optimization method specifically designed to allow your brand’s maximum impact online. 

Our method is a fully integrated method, to achieve the best results we focus on understanding your brand’s identity, your goals and your business model.

We take your existing website and optimize it according to the various search engine standards focusing on organic ranking and error minification. This allows for the website to get a higher SEO score and appear more frequently in search results (SERPS). The website’s entire content from adverts, blogs to its social media channels, its environment and architecture are assessed and redesigned to become easier for search engines to read.

The Web Anatomy way is built on transparency and open communication with our clients. We believe in your brand as much as you do and as such Web Anatomy will not work with more than one brand within an industry.

The Web Anatomy Services

  • Advanced Hosting Solutions

    The foundation for the performance of every website begins with the hosting environment.

  • WordPress Care Package

    A website needs ongoing maintenance, updates and edits, we take care of the site for you.

  • Content Creation

    Sometimes it is easier having a dedicated team creating industry-relevant content than doing it on your own.

  • Advanced Digital Auditing

    Know where your brand stands now, before planning your next big digital move.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Increase your search result ranking organically with Web Anatomy.

  • Office Optimization

    Every office is unique and needs specific office support from emails to RM management systems.

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Advanced Digital Auditing

Our expert digital auditing team will assess all aspects of your digital presence. The auditing process begins with your domain and hosting environment after which we will conduct a closer inspection of the internal structure of your website and SEO ranking determining factors from load speed to keyword ranking and CDN. 

Our team will also analyze your website’s connection to Google Analytics and Search Console which will provide past performance data as well as any additional errors Google bots have detected. Once your digital audit is complete we offer a full solution for improving your SEO and digital brand performance. 

Digital Auditing

Planning and Strategy


Once the Web Anatomy team has completed the audit we can assess where your digital performance could be improved. We will then plan a strategy focusing on website environment, direct marketing strategy and technical SEO strategy to improve your online presence and performance.

Content Creation Strategy

Writing content is often considered an easy task, whether it be website content, creating industry-specific blogs and news articles or social media content every piece of content created for your brand needs to tell your customer who or what your brand is and what you stand for. Content needs to have meaning.

Keyword Planning

A core focus of our strategy is planning your services and as such your target keywords effectively. Many strategies include targeting a range of keywords and refining the keyword choices based on the data collected from your digital channels over a suitable period. We believe in targeted efficiency.

12-Month Marketing Strategy

Once your content has been created you need to have a well thought out 12-month marketing strategy that can be maintained. When marketing online the aim is to build trust in your brand and creating trust begins with being consistent. While no strategy needs to be set in stone every brand needs a plan.

Development & Setup

Web Anatomy’s development and technical team will create, develop and implement the necessary improvements as decided on in the strategy and planning sessions. We believe in open communication and transparency and want your brand’s input every step of the way, remember no one understands your brand like you do.

The Web Anatomy team specializes in WordPress solution-based website development. We also offer advanced development teams that specialize in application development, AMP’s and Javascript. Along with establishing a fully functional website we also focus on enhancing your user’s experience.

Website Development

Monthly Management & Monitoring

We offer a full 360-degree approach to digital management, constantly monitoring and improving your digital channels. Our optimization approach would include monitoring website uptime, digital channel performance, hosting environment and analytics. The data collected on a monthly basis we use to improve your inbound sales and your user experience on the website. As a digital agency, we believe in open communication and transparency. We want to work with your brand to achieve your goals and as such we constantly update your brand on your digital performance. 

Web Anatomy provides either bi-weekly or monthly reports for your brand for all our services, we also include the raw data files for each brand on a monthly basis.