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Website Management

We offer comprehensive website management, constantly monitoring and improving the performance of your website. Our management approach includes monitoring website uptime, digital channel performance, hosting environment and analytics. The data collected on a monthly basis we use to improve your inbound sales and your user experience on the website. As a digital agency, we believe in open communication and transparency. We want to work with your brand to achieve your goals and as such we constantly update your brand on your digital performance.

Web Anatomy provides monthly reports for your brand for all our services, we also include the raw data files for each brand on a monthly basis.

Choose your plan

Every business has different needs, choose the plan below best suited to your needs, if you aren’t sure ask Web Anatomy to call you.

Business Starter

  • Back Ups
  • Updates
  • Website Security
  • Technical support
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Google Indexing

Business Pro

  • Back ups
  • Updates
  • Advanced Website Security
  • Prime Technical Support
  • Image CDN
  • Advanced Uptime monitoring
  • Home Page Optimization
  • Google Application Management
  • Website edits

Why is Website Management The right choice?

The simple answer is – you have a business to run and we are pretty sure you don’t have time to learn about and then manage the inner working of your website, let alone spending hours researching and trialling which tools work together for the best results possible. The team at Web Anatomy specializes in websites, that is all we do every day of our lives.

Our website management approach includes round the clock care for your website so your online business is always at its peak performance.

What do we manage for you?

  • Website Performance
  • Website Uptime 
  • Updates 
  • Website Maintenance 

Google Applications

Get your website registered with Google correctly as soon as possible. The Web Anatomy team will manage your website and we will ensure we connect your website to Google Analytics and Google My Business. Both these applications are effective tools in communicating with Google and getting your organic ranking increasing as soon as possible.

Once your website is connected to the necessary Google Applications we will be able to start collecting data that is found on Google Analytics. This data will help you better understand where your online traffic is coming from and assist you in getting the right customers to your website.

We will connect your business website to Google if you have these accounts available or a specialist team will retrieve and manage these accounts on your behalf.


Most frequent questions and answers

Web Anatomy has deployed a server response system that automatically checks if the website is responding. In some cases, this tool will not pick up on-page errors. We have countered this with a Web Anatomy System administrator who will check the website during the course of the day.

Website maintenance is the constant upkeep of a website. This would include updating themes and plug-ins as their updates are released. Monitoring the website load speed and monitoring uptime while checking contact forms and link performance.

Web Anatomy Specialises in Search Engine Optimization, we offer selected plans for all business types to get you the best boost online. Click here to learn more

Web Anatomy offers the following in Technical support, Our team will assist in the upkeep and day to day running of the website, fixing 404 codes or a plugin malfunction all to get your website back on the right track

Web Anatomy Identifies optimization problems (within your specific digital channels and applications) and develops targeted problem-solving techniques within a variety of applications.