What is Website Management and Why is it Important?

What is Website Management and Why is it Important?

Website management is the process of monitoring and controlling all the softwares involved in the running of your website. Website management can be broken down into three main sections: content management, security and support. A website manager’s tasks include: 

  • Regularly updating your software
  • Facilitate hosting and server management 
  • Manual check-ins and computer monitoring 24/7
  • Compiling insightful reports from analytical software  
  • Provide detailed reports on the functionality of your website
  • Daily, weekly or monthly backups depending on your website
  • Provide content feedback and suggestions as well as updates

Why is Website Management Important?

Your website represents your brand and is nowadays the first point of contact with potential clients. A managed website will be consistent, reliable, relevant and easy to navigate, leaving a strong, positive impression on your clients.

Reduces errors and broken links

Without constant updates and someone checking how these updates have affected your website errors can occur on your website. Error messages and broken links on a website immediately make clients question your website’s trustworthiness. In order to maintain a positive reputation minimising errors and broken links is essential in building relationships with new clients.

Less downtime and missed opportunities

If your website is not protected from viruses or updated regularly it is likely to have a lot of downtime. When your website is offline it means you are missing out on bringing in new clients, never a good thing for your business! A managed website is updated regularly, backed up consistently and monitored 24/7 to ensure downtime is minimised. Regular backups also mean it is a lot easier to reinstate your website should it be hacked beyond repair.

Improve SEO and SERP results

A well managed website is consistent, up to date with the latest SEO principles and best practices as well as very little downtime. All of this results in a higher SEO and SERP score with search engines, as they strive to provide the best results for their users they are more likely to choose a consistent, reliable website over one full of errors or one that is out of date.  

Managed websites are more adaptable 

Websites need to be adaptable and flexible in order to keep up with the ever changing online world. Softwares and hardwares are constantly evolving and updating, in order to stay fully functional a website needs to do the same, otherwise it will be left behind. A successful website needs to be relevant and follow the latest technological advancements and trends. Being managed means being aware of the latest trends and integrating them into your website timelessly. 

Being efficient save money

Managed websites are more efficient as they receive constant updates, reports and analytical data which can help them stay at the forefront of their industry. Efficiency helps save a business money as marketing campaigns are more successful, organic lead generation increases as efficiency does, reliable websites have a higher chance of being spoken about online and on social media as well as providing in-depth data on your target audience. 

Improved User Experience on your website

A website that is managed will be up to date, relevant and easy to navigate, all of which leads to a positive user experience. Leaving a positive impression on your users is a vital part of forming a relationship with your clients and bringing in new ones. If a website is easy to use it is more likely to convert leads into sales and attract returning clients, optimising a website is one of the main aims of website management and is key in a website’s success.

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